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Deep Dive with April Rains as Stellar Guide

Amsterdam, Netherlands



Having been in private practice for over two decades as a trauma specialist, I was keen on investigating psychedelics for my clients, (and myself), who were moving from trauma thrivers into post traumatic growth. I have been known and suspected of experimenting on myself to see if new treatments “held water” as we say in the Midwest where I grew up. I currently live in the back woods of Montana where I have a retreat center. My husband of 28 massively happy years, was a Zen Buddhist monk, and sadly, he died in 2018 after a diagnosis of ALS. I wondered if a “heroic dose” of truffles would help me: a) face my worst fears, b) help me feel the love I currently have in my life deeper, and c) open the basement of my subconscious and let some light and air into the last remnants of pandora’s box. It addressed all the above in impressive ways beyond my wildest imagination, hopes and dreams. I am not exaggerating. I am a “questioner” and extremely curious, so at 69 years of age this year 2021, I began micro dosing with psilocybin in April. After this experimentation, I bought a First-Class Ticket to Amsterdam to participate in two brand new adventures…traveling abroad and taking a macro dose with a guide. The whole universe aligned, and I found April Rains with Guided Tripping and we instantly clicked. She proved to be the perfect guide for me – especially her irreverent sense of humor, her highly developed professionalism based on her training in Embodiment & Authentic Relating, and just as important, her deep respect for intuitive knowing and personal life experiences being “Den Mother” to so many people tripping. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Master Addiction Counselor, a Certified Daring Way Facilitator™ (think Brené Brown), and I’m trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), which is one of the best practices trauma recovery treatments in the United States. I recommend April Rains, as highly skilled as they come, when it comes to holding space, providing me with the most sacred container any professional has ever held me in. She helped me move light years forward in my healing journey. April rocks!!!

Participants in ceremony: 1

Facilitators in ceremony: -4

Participants per Facilitator: -0.25


We met in April's beautiful home and she has made it such a safe, comfortable space with blankets & wonderful music to enhance the entire experience. Total privacy, just her and I, for the entire journey.


She was a premiere host.


She made to die for gouda/zucchini muffins and had fresh blueberries for me when I wanted a nosh. She provided spaces to lay down on couches & padding for floor sitting. She encouraged me to move or change anything as the mood suited me. At one point, she asked permission to sit behind me, gently cradling me, as she follows her intuition beautifully. It was an excellent addition to my comfort in processing deep emotions.


Masterfully prepared using temperature & timers - blew me away the attention to detail.


She did a wonderful job of preparing me ahead of time - sending me literature about Amsterdam culture and pre-trip information with telehealth session ahead of time. She even included a funny meme to put my mind at ease about the journey ahead.


She went over the rules and actually spent two hours listening and talking with me which helped my anxiety tremendously. She was not in a rush ever.


After her in-depth preparations with me, I also knew she was going to check in with me every hour that passed, if I went deeply internal. In fact, I preferred to have one foot in the internal, while keeping one foot in the present, the majority of the time. There was a period of time (I know not how long) where she quietly came over and just applied pressure on the outside of my arm to let me know she was present. It was tremendously comforting.

Booking process

No hassel whatsoever.

Follow up integration

Her follow-up session with me, brunch the day after, as well as her recommendation for an excellent massage therapist, Anouk, who came on her bicycle to our hotel, with her specialization being after tripping release, was fantastic. Then, after I returned to the states, I have had numerous follow-up integration sessions which have proven invaluable to me.

Visited Wednesday, August 4th 2021

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