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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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We provide safe intentional psychedelic experiences for personal growth. We have multiple experienced Guides providing daylong one-on-one sessions, with additional support before and after.

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This center is open since November 30th 2017


Psilocybin truffles

LocationTherapy/coaching space

How to get thereEach Guide has their own space, either at home or in a therapy/coaching office. These are located in or close to the city center of Amsterdam. You will receive their address upon booking.

Accommodation and facilities

1 single room


Music that is played during session

Multiple playlists are available.

Medical and safety

The center conducts an intake processIf you fill out the contact form on the website, you will receive an intake form to fill out before the free online intake you can book with your prefered Guide. This is a one-hour conversation which will go into the things you've written on the form, including contra-indications, and into what working with us looks like. Making sure there is a good connection with your Guide is very important here. Before the session you'll receive information to help you prepare.

The center provides a follow up integration processAt the end of the session, or on the day after, you have a conversation with your Guide to support the translation of your experience into personal practices for your day-to-day life. Then it's up to you! A few weeks later you have another online call to close out the Guided Tripping Cycle, about what has been going on for your since the session, and if there are any tweaks to be made to your 'homework' that would strengthen the positive, lasting impact of your experience.

The center provides ceremonies for personal development


Each Guide has their own flavour, but we work according to the same principles of non-judgemental, agendaless support of the process that is ready to unfold for the participant.
  • Miriam, NL, Guide and Founder, 4 years experience
  • April, US, Guide, 2 years experience
  • Andrew, US, Guide, 2 years experience
  • Hilde, NL, Guide, 2 years experience
  • Hanneke, NL, Guide and Therapist, 1 year experience
Short bios about each Guide can be found on the website at

Group Size

The center accommodates private ceremonies with a single participant

Maximum 1 persons per group


Maximum 1 participants per facilitator.

The facilitator stays during session.

Someone who stays sober is present during ceremonies.

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3 Reviews

My first psysilobin mushroom experience was a guided trip with April. From the moment I entered her space, I knew I had made the right decision for me. April is kind and helpful but also highly intuitive and intelligent. Her ability to help me see what I need, in any given moment, was spectacular. Although I was a bit anxious, her comfortable manner and informational style provided a safe and comfortable environment. My trip was not entirely an easy one and I worked hard for a number of hours. When I felt hungry, and asked for food, April's chef level mastery of comfort food made me spectacularly well nourished. I tasted healthy nibbles and a stew that matches no other I've tried. All of it fed my hunger and also my need for connection to my own past. Although I found the psycilobin visual fireworks interesting, it was also overwhelming at times. Memories of the death of my parents, my connection to them and my own children and. even my own mortality became very present for me. April handled these moments with aplomb, even sometimes playfully, which allowed me the physical and emotional space to do my work. I had room to move, physically and emotionally. I believe in guided tripping and will continue the journey with April. If you are curious about yourself, it is a grounding and philosophical experience to be sure. For me, it is now part of a longer trek to knowing myself and loving others with whom I am in connection much better too.

- visited 3 months ago

One week ago I had a very special trip with Miriam. There had been a nice intake conversation before, explaining what would happen and exploring my intentions for the journey. I've had a rough year (i.a. losing a close relative to cancer and ending a 9 yr relationship) and my intention was to reconnect to the basis of my life/to my own essence. The first part was very intens. I was alternately surrendering to the intensity and being overwhelmed. I went back and forth between experiencing and analysing the situation. Something I recognize from my life, where analysis can get the upper hand and bring me into a state of paralisis. However, I could experience that both reactions were fine. I could percieve the whole proces from a very loving place. Analysis was fine, and because it was fine, it could relax as well, and I could dive more freely into the experiencing and living part. A lot more happened, but this was the essence of it. The loving acceptance of everything that happened gave a lot of understanding and freedom. Miriam was amazing. She let me have my experience fully and when I needed it she held my hand or she'd sit next to me. Throughout the whole trip I could feel her presence in the room and it made me feel safe. When the intensity subsided somewhat I talked with her when I wanted to. She provided supplements, coconut juice, food, etc, all at the right time. I am very grateful for the experience and the inights still linger in me.

- visited a month ago

Just a quick warning : English is not my first language so be ready for some grammatical and spelling mistakes ^^. I did this guided trip because i was really curious about it, i heard testomy from friend and watch some documentaries and read books about psylocibine/musrhoom and it seems that it was a philisophical a spiritual and a personnal experience of the lifetime. The thing was that i am not sombedoy who is used to drug, i smoked a bit a weed but did not really like it and never tried mushroom or anything similar. So even if i was curious i was also really afraid. April knew exactly what to do during my trip but most of all she really helped me prepare before the trip on what to expect and how to handle my trip if it starts to be difficult. I really felt that i was safe and in good hands and i was so gratefull for it because i am sure it play a huge part of me having a amazing trip. I would have never done that without a guidance of a professionnal like April. I came with the intention of having this spiritual experience that some people say they had thanks to psylocibine and i was so lucky to experience it myself. If you just a curious person like me who heard about it and if you are curious to try, please do. Educate yourself about it , chose April as your coach and go for it ^^. It is a bugdet but it was for real one of the most significant experience of my life. I can't express how amazing it was and how it has affect in such a beautiful way my vision of the world. Thanks again April.

- visited 2 months ago

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