Akasa Journeys

Leap into flight and discover your life from a vastly new perspective with an experienced and compassionate pair of trip sitters. Soar above your everyday consciousness to release what no longer serves you, and to clear the space for an abundance of insight and embodied understanding. We create a safe, comfortable, accepting, and non-judgmental space, in a framework of growth, trauma healing, exploration and harm reduction for those who work with us.

Dive in deep within your soul and discover the world of hidden, unlimited resources already contained within you. Redefine and realign with your most natural self and your greater life purpose.

By changing your attitude towards the challenges you face, insights arise. Manifest in creative and novel ways moving forward in space and time. Expand your consciousness and flow into your infinite potential.

We are Los Angeles, California based psychedelic trip sitters/facilitators/guides. We come to you at your location in Los Angeles. We can help arrange travel to us from out of town, if desired.

See our website for lots more details

We support your intention.

“Reality is only a Rorchasch ink-blot, you know” —Alan Watts

Read about us in Vice Magazine, 2018: Professional 'Trip Sitters' Have Advice and in Mel Magazine, 2021: How to have a good trip on Shrooms. .

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