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Vestdijk 61, 5611 CA Eindhoven, Nederland



From initial contact to explore the Essence Institute offering, to the end sessions this was a truly remarkable experience. The set and setting were at the heart of ensuring that we had a safe, controlled, and supported event. The preparation, psilocybin ceremony, and reintegration were handled expertly, sensitively, and with compassion. The ceremony itself met all of my expectations. I got everything out of it that I was looking for. Feelings of calm, contentment, bliss, and exhilaration, continue more than a week later. A deep sense of love and warmth. William, Sanne, and Mara, are expert therapists and facilitators- especially during the ceremony. The vegan food cooked by Mirjam was of the highest order. My eleven fellow participants gave their full commitment to the three days, a commitment which expanded and enhanced my experience. I recommend this team to anyone who wishes to review their life, and address issues for which they wish to find solutions.

Number of Participants in ceremony: 12


Wonderful setting.


The heating needed turning up!


Three expert, knowledgeable, and compassionate therapists.


It worked well for me.


First class.


I felt safe and secure at all times.


Carefully and thoughtfully put together.

Booking process

Straightforward and warm.

Follow up integration

Visited Thursday, October 31st 2019

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