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I truly entered my journey to Essence with little expectation other than the curiosity of exploring what might be possible in opening up the potential of consciousness and the mind. I left my time there with new friends after 2 days having journeyed through one of the most transformational experiences of my life. A 50 year old, husband for 25 years to the most extraordinary and amazing woman, father, friend and business owner with no previous history of any kind of experience of this nature, I was cautiously expecting to be a little cynical, judgemental and perhaps a even dismissive. In the end I came away have tapped into enormous personal depths of emotion from extraordinary feelings of wonderment, sadness, compassion, true love and an ultimate feeling of connection to everything and everyone around, oh, and I could hear and see like Spiderman 😀. In my opinion, this experience is not just about whether you are searching for answers or need to find the meaning of life, it is truly for everyone and anyone who wants to experience the extraordinary awe and wonderment of yourself, to find new friends and to experience the true love, affection and support of a caring and supportive team of guides and friends. I believe my wife and I have now found a group of friends and lessons that we will keep with us for the rest of our lives. On a practical note, the accommodation and setting were amazing, the guides wonderful, thoughtful and informative and the vegan food wonderful. Thank you Sanne, William, Willem and to all my new friends for making the experience for me.

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Visited Friday, August 16th 2019

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