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3 day Essence Retreat

Vestdijk 61, 5611 CA Eindhoven, Nederland



For me, the Essence Retreat feels like a truly life changing experience that exceeded all my expectations. Such an amazing gateway to clarity and dissolving many (destructive) patterns that limited me in being free. Especially experiencing this ceremony within a group of different people from all over the world felt very connected and gave me a lot of insights that I would not have gotten if I would have been on my own. It also seemed that everyone got exactly what he or she needed to make a real step forward in life. Within the program there was also a lot of time for meditation, breathing exercises, sharing and integration which for me were very valuable additions to the ceremony itself. I feel very grateful to the highly professional facilitators that designed this program and guided me so well through this process. After the retreat, the group stayed connected to share when needed. All in all, the beautiful forest setting, the great food, the very safe environment and highly professional facilitators made this an experience never to forget. Very grateful and highly recommended to anyone who wishes to take a next step.

Number of Participants in ceremony: 11




Highly professional and knowledgeable




The facilitators made it a very safe environment to be in. I felt very comfortable and safe to share and experience.


Booking process

Response time was short and clear

Follow up integration

The facilitators are available for follow up on integration after the retreat and it is encouraged to stay connected as a group (including facilitators) to keep sharing. Also the music will be available which really helps in the integration process.

Visited Thursday, August 15th 2019

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