Tierra Mitica

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Ayahuasca Retreat Center
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WARNING!!!!- visited 3 years ago
The principal of TM, Mikis Hasson is a severely disturbed man with multiple personality disorders. He is clearly a Narcissist and almost certainly some kid of socio-psychopath attempting to found a cult around himself. His bullying abusive behaviour amply demonstrates this. The 'lessons' he gives would be laughed out of any first year philosophy course, yet he permits no discussion and any attempt to do so is met with aggression and abuse. These 'lessons' are presented in a series of corporate style seminars and the ideas are designed to encourage passivity in the participants and to reinforce his control over them. He claims he is 'a happy man' but this is only true when he has a row of nodding heads in front him. At one stage I laughed at the absurdity of what he was saying and he became a picture of fury, grinding his teeth and shaking the table violently, screaming at me that this is SERIOUS business. 5 minutes later he tells me my plans for the future won't work. When I ask him how he knows this, his response is 'because I am a happy man'! This is a single example of dozens of bizarre behaviours this sick individual displays, including primitive forms of hypnosis (the endless repetition of falsehoods) The retreat is one long set of head-games played by a psychopath, AVOID!!