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We facilitate journey sessions and small or personal retreats, including in-depth journey prep and integration support for individuals, couples and small groups embarking on the journey inward, to embody their full selves and live a more enriched life. We support you every step of the way, along your healing journey with entheogenic medicines.
The Importance of Integration for the Psychedelic Journey The inner landscape of the therapeutic psychedelic journey is deeply profound and awe inspiring. It is complex and multidimensional, and at times also confusing. It is something people don't go into lightly, but with the intention of gaining far greater awareness than they have in normal waking conscious life. Most meditation practices cannot come close to matching the depth that can be met within the psychedelic journey. Psychedelic medicines take you deeper into yourself. For these reasons, the experience tends to inform one's life in many layers over a long period of time. Making the most of this life-affirming session through intentional integration work, supported by a skilled facilitator, helps you traverse the content that rises up in the context of a journey and beyond so that you can effect positive and desired change in your experience of life.
What to Expect You are not alone in this. We will be with you all along the way. The most important element of working with any kind of mind altering experience is that you feel trust and safety. We all have protector parts within us that pop up when our inner sense of safety is challenged on any level. We will prepare for this in-person experience together, assuring that your needs are met and that you are as ready as possible to face what's inside of you at every turn on your journey. Through a series of therapeutic preparatory sessions, we will gently enter into the regions of the terrain you'll be exploring. You will gain many new tools and insights to take with you on your journey, and into the integration process following the journey, where the therapeutic sessions will continue for a short time, and then with additional check-ins further apart. We will have scheduled times to connect via zoom or video call, and you will be able to reach out for additional support if there are difficult times happening in between our sessions together.
Certifications, Skills and Expertise: Board Certified Holistic Counselor Transformational Integration Coach
In depth studies and additional areas of expertise: Art as Therapeutic Modality, Interpersonal Communication, Non Violent Communication, Yoga Asana, Breathwork & Philosophy, Hakomi, Shamanic Healing, Energy Healing, Holistic Health, Somatic Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Buddhist Philosophy, Sound Healing Therapy, Dance Movement Ceremony, Expanded States, Meditation, Mindfulness, Presence.

Facilitating 1:1 sessions in the SF Bay Area, California and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Providing deep healing sessions & sanctuary retreats for individuals, couples and small groups in Northern New Mexico, U.S.

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