Safety, decency and competence!

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Safety, decency and competence!
 2 years ago
When I found after a couple of ayahuasca experiences elsewhere, I was initially convinced that I had found the place where my continued journey with the medicine could take place in safe and competent settings. This should prove to be confirmed already on my first 3-day workshop. I have since participated in more than 10 workshops here, each with the participation of between 40 and 80 people, without having once experienced the facilitators losing their grip on the situation. We are talking here of hundreds of people who, during the ceremonies, often experience the deepest existential experiences they have had in their lives, yet I have never experienced a single person leaving a workshop without being filled with the deepest gratitude. The reason for this is that these workshops are consistently being executed in a profound spirit of love, combined with the highest degree of both decency and competence. All framed with a sound carpet of the most beautiful live music.

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