The best place to do Ayahuasca

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The best place to do Ayahuasca
 10 months ago

This is the best place in the world to do Ayahuasca! I’ve been to these workshops regularly for several years- it healed a lot of childhood traumas and made me a much more healthy human being! I will always be grateful to Norberto and Rini for helping me in a wonderful, accepting and supporting way! Doing a 3-day-workshop with Norberto and Rini is more helpful than 10 years of psychotherapy! It’s about time that science accepts Ayahuasca by trustworthy and experienced practicioners as therapy ! Norberto and Rini are absolutely trustworthy and wonderful people! And also the location, the live music and the community are awesome! Thank you for healing my soul Norberto and Rini !

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Visited Sunday, January 13th 2019