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Grateful for the save space




I have been visited the workshop with Norberto and Rini for six times now in three years. And I'm grateful. Grateful for the medicine, it is not just a drug, but it's really a medicine. It gave me so much insight, so much personal grow. And it's so great to do this in the atmosphere Rini and Norberto create. I allways feel save with them and the assistants. I can feel the experience they have. It gave me the chance to go deep, to transform the negative emotions, to encounter the pain (in my own pace, in my own way) and afterwards fill my body with love. The live music feels that it's specially played for me, slow when it's needed, strong when it's needed. Allways a good atmosphere and they make a safe place to drink the medicine with around 40 other participants (what the energy makes strong). Food is great, housing is good. I only have compliments and feel grateful.

Visited Thursday, August 22nd 2019

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