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I really enjoyed my time with, I've been to many retreats with them over the last 6 and a half years and since I found them, I haven't really felt the need to explore other options in Europe. The team is professional, considerate, loving and the assistants are always helpful and welcoming. The food is amazing, and somehow over every retreat 40 strangers turn into 40 friends within a couple days. The ceremonies themselves are loosely structured. Participants enjoy a lot of freedom to dance, sing, join in with playing music. There are voluntary group exercises during the beginning that help to loosen up the body and spirit. The place where most of the ceremonies are held is comfortable, with a heated floor, and set in a rural location with a view over the wide open fields. Facilities are good, but there are no private rooms. The land in Brazil where the retreats are held is an amazingly beautiful piece of land in the Atlantic Rainforest. Rivers, waterfalls, hummingbirds, mountains, gorgeous. I can highly recommend them.

Visited Friday, November 30th 2018

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