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Thankfulness beyond words




Before I returned from a 10 day retreat in Brazil, more than a year ago, we shared our experiences in the final round. I could not say much more but: "I feel a thankfulness beyond words." Still this thankfulness surrounds my heart, but today I hope, that I am able to give it a verbal expression. I started to participate in the spiritual retreats in the Netherlands about 3 or 4 years ago. I choose too, because I had a diagnose that gave me the feeling that I would not like to take the risks of the usual medical approaches to my situation, but go for something my heart was more attracted too. I was led to the gift of the blessings of Ayahuasca. Already in my first experience with the Ayahuasca sessions, which I prepared for through 3 month of daily active meditations and a 10-day detox-program, I felt that this way works for me. After this first ceremony, a symptom - disturbed seeing - got so much better, that I could easily drive my car again. But specially my psychic situation was energized in a positive way. My basic "Yes" to life was recharged. I felt emotionally balanced, more sensitive and very happy at heart. I experienced an increasing intuition for what was "right" for me, concerning choices or situations. In Brazil I got rid of a block in my liver-gallbladder-diaphragm area, through a special dream the medicine arranged for me in the night after the day without ceremony. To me that shows how deep and surprising the medicine can work, even though it was always different in every session I had. Even when there was an experience of deep sadness - the moment I allowed it to be and expressed it, the medicine showed me the deeper truth and reality hidden in it. That opened up a space of beauty and ecstasy in my being and inner vision and I felt that this heals my emotional body, enriches my mental understanding and nourishes my creative abilities. Thanks to all who brought this medicine to mankind over the ages, to work for healing, peace and development. Thanks to the group leaders and all the staff members who took care for us. I could feel their respect for the work and how they love it and really want the best for us. Thanks to all the participants, who shared this ceremonies with courage, love and support . I hope we meet again. You touched my heart. Whatever my fate in this earthly realms will be, I hope I always find a chance to continue this process of healing and inner growth - for life, love, happiness and an open path... So be it!

Visited Friday, January 11th 2019

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