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Céu da Arte provide a safe, intimate yet colourful space, allowing you to fully open up to yourself. Since I first drank with them in Brazil mid 2014 I have always experienced and valued their high standards in providing the medicine. There is no interfering during the process while at the same time a safe and supportive environment is established for the participants to fully surrender and develop the trust to go deeper, if they wish. Each workshop is created with a lot of care and it is evident that the love for this work, pure dedication and full heart and soul are the motor for Rini and Norberto continuing their work. In my experience both of them are always aware of „where somebody is“ at each time - that including the physical and emotional plane. In case you need anything during the process there is, besides the facilitators, always a team of experienced assistants to be with you and support you at all times. The post & pre care of each ceremony includes open sharing circles, excellent cooking - attuned to the work with ayahuasca - and always the possibility to get in contact easily in case you need any advice. A high sensitivity for what is needed and a beautiful variety of introducing exercises such as bodywork, breath work and many other practices and qualities characterize their ceremonies. All of it always accompanied by blessed and talented musicians from all countries to make this experience a truly transformational, profund, intimate and rich journey.

Visited Tuesday, October 30th 2018

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