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Since 2009 we organise powerful & transformational spiritual events that are a well balanced mixture of spiritual and musical elements of Santo Daime and Umbanda combined with bio-energetic and shamanic practices.
Often we have fantastic musicians from Brazil and other countries around the world in the house. So live music, energy-, body-, and breath-work, active mediations, dance and celebration are integral parts of these spiritual events.
All these events are facilitated by Norberto, a very experienced Brazilian therapist with 30+ years experience with ayahuasca and co-faciliated by Rini with 20+ years experience with ayahuasca. Besides our regular program, we have at least once a year an amazing team of Brazilian women who have developed several very unique UmbanDaime based spiritual events.
For all our works; safety, sincerity and the highest quality are our main guidelines.
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Safety, decency and competence!- visited 2 years ago
When I found Ayahuasca.nl after a couple of ayahuasca experiences elsewhere, I was initially convinced that I had found the place where my continued journey with the medicine could take place in safe and competent settings. This should prove to be confirmed already on my first 3-day workshop. I have since participated in more than 10 workshops here, each with the participation of between 40 and 80 people, without having once experienced the facilitators losing their grip on the situation. We are talking here of hundreds of people who, during the ceremonies, often experience the deepest existential experiences they have had in their lives, yet I have never experienced a single person leaving a workshop without being filled with the deepest gratitude. The reason for this is that these workshops are consistently being executed in a profound spirit of love, combined with the highest degree of both decency and competence. All framed with a sound carpet of the most beautiful live music.
Céu da Arte provide a safe, intimate yet colourful space, allowing you to fully open up to yourself. Since I first drank with them in Brazil mid 2014 I have always experienced and valued their high standards in providing the medicine. There is no interfering during the process while at the same time a safe and supportive environment is established for the participants to fully surrender and develop the trust to go deeper, if they wish. Each workshop is created with a lot of care and it is evident that the love for this work, pure dedication and full heart and soul are the motor for Rini and Norberto continuing their work. In my experience both of them are always aware of „where somebody is“ at each time - that including the physical and emotional plane. In case you need anything during the process there is, besides the facilitators, always a team of experienced assistants to be with you and support you at all times. The post & pre care of each ceremony includes open sharing circles, excellent cooking - attuned to the work with ayahuasca - and always the possibility to get in contact easily in case you need any advice. A high sensitivity for what is needed and a beautiful variety of introducing exercises such as bodywork, breath work and many other practices and qualities characterize their ceremonies. All of it always accompanied by blessed and talented musicians from all countries to make this experience a truly transformational, profund, intimate and rich journey.
Thankfulness beyond words- visited 2 years ago
Before I returned from a 10 day retreat in Brazil, more than a year ago, we shared our experiences in the final round. I could not say much more but: "I feel a thankfulness beyond words." Still this thankfulness surrounds my heart, but today I hope, that I am able to give it a verbal expression. I started to participate in the spiritual retreats in the Netherlands about 3 or 4 years ago. I choose too, because I had a diagnose that gave me the feeling that I would not like to take the risks of the usual medical approaches to my situation, but go for something my heart was more attracted too. I was led to the gift of the blessings of Ayahuasca. Already in my first experience with the Ayahuasca sessions, which I prepared for through 3 month of daily active meditations and a 10-day detox-program, I felt that this way works for me. After this first ceremony, a symptom - disturbed seeing - got so much better, that I could easily drive my car again. But specially my psychic situation was energized in a positive way. My basic "Yes" to life was recharged. I felt emotionally balanced, more sensitive and very happy at heart. I experienced an increasing intuition for what was "right" for me, concerning choices or situations. In Brazil I got rid of a block in my liver-gallbladder-diaphragm area, through a special dream the medicine arranged for me in the night after the day without ceremony. To me that shows how deep and surprising the medicine can work, even though it was always different in every session I had. Even when there was an experience of deep sadness - the moment I allowed it to be and expressed it, the medicine showed me the deeper truth and reality hidden in it. That opened up a space of beauty and ecstasy in my being and inner vision and I felt that this heals my emotional body, enriches my mental understanding and nourishes my creative abilities. Thanks to all who brought this medicine to mankind over the ages, to work for healing, peace and development. Thanks to the group leaders and all the staff members who took care for us. I could feel their respect for the work and how they love it and really want the best for us. Thanks to all the participants, who shared this ceremonies with courage, love and support . I hope we meet again. You touched my heart. Whatever my fate in this earthly realms will be, I hope I always find a chance to continue this process of healing and inner growth - for life, love, happiness and an open path... So be it!
Yes- visited 8 years ago
I came to join ceremonies with these facilitators when I was in serious health trouble and got a recommendation... I can for sure say that I found support way beyond my expectations. In the Medicine itself, but also by this team: The facilitators bring along on the one side a deep deep grounded experience, bestowing trust to go to whatever inner spaces may those be dark or bright, and on the other side an amazingly perfect structured practical organisation down to the tiniest detail granting the maximum of safety. Together this makes up a true castle (a perfect containment) in which everything is possible.
The best place to do Ayahuasca- visited 2 years ago
This is the best place in the world to do Ayahuasca! I’ve been to these workshops regularly for several years- it healed a lot of childhood traumas and made me a much more healthy human being! I will always be grateful to Norberto and Rini for helping me in a wonderful, accepting and supporting way! Doing a 3-day-workshop with Norberto and Rini is more helpful than 10 years of psychotherapy! It’s about time that science accepts Ayahuasca by trustworthy and experienced practicioners as therapy ! Norberto and Rini are absolutely trustworthy and wonderful people! And also the location, the live music and the community are awesome! Thank you for healing my soul Norberto and Rini !
This spiritual work which is done here, is sacred! It really changed my life to visit these Ayahuasca Workshops. I became a better and healthier human being. I can highly recommend this facilitator! I always feel safe, the medicine is pure and strong and what is really special at this workshops is the music. Wonderful talented musicians support your journey and enable you doing your internal work. I regurarly join this workshops since 4 years to wash my soul and I‘m always grateful to have this opportunity with all the wonderful people which make these workshops possible. Aho
Simply the best....- visited 2 years ago
If you are looking for a place where you can dive deep into the exploration of Ayahuasca in a save environment, this is the place!!! It is just amazing how much love and care is put into making this workshops happen. They make the impossible possible: Providing you with a maximum of freedom to explore the medicine in the way you need it, in the savest possible way. I allways feel so well taken care of. The facilitators are amazing people, open, loving, respectful, they have a wonderfull team of experienced assistants, great cooks and absolutly mindblowing musicians. And last but not least the medicine they serve is strong, pure and full of light. I can‘t thank Rini and Norberto enough for the amazing work they are doing!
I really enjoyed my time with Ayahuasca.nl, I've been to many retreats with them over the last 6 and a half years and since I found them, I haven't really felt the need to explore other options in Europe. The team is professional, considerate, loving and the assistants are always helpful and welcoming. The food is amazing, and somehow over every retreat 40 strangers turn into 40 friends within a couple days. The ceremonies themselves are loosely structured. Participants enjoy a lot of freedom to dance, sing, join in with playing music. There are voluntary group exercises during the beginning that help to loosen up the body and spirit. The place where most of the ceremonies are held is comfortable, with a heated floor, and set in a rural location with a view over the wide open fields. Facilities are good, but there are no private rooms. The land in Brazil where the retreats are held is an amazingly beautiful piece of land in the Atlantic Rainforest. Rivers, waterfalls, hummingbirds, mountains, gorgeous. I can highly recommend them.
Axe practices - visited 2 years ago
After recently attending a 3 day work shop I can safely say that these guys really know what they are doing. And they do it with such scencerity and reverence that you would have to try very hard NOT to see results from this work. I myself recived a serious activation that has acted as a catalyst for massive change. These are not people who talk at you and bombard you with information, these are people who share with you and understand deeply about the processes we enter. They hold and support you continually, encouraging independence, helping us to work towards self empowerment. And boy do i feel empowered! All this and I haven't even touched upon the music, the food, the beautiful location yet, also people attending are carefully selected so the people you meet at the work shop adds to the sense of having a tribe, a family. Beautiful work and I cannot fault it. Big respect and grattitude to the people who facilitated it Xx Axè!
Grateful for the save space- visited 2 years ago
I have been visited the workshop with Norberto and Rini for six times now in three years. And I'm grateful. Grateful for the medicine, it is not just a drug, but it's really a medicine. It gave me so much insight, so much personal grow. And it's so great to do this in the atmosphere Rini and Norberto create. I allways feel save with them and the assistants. I can feel the experience they have. It gave me the chance to go deep, to transform the negative emotions, to encounter the pain (in my own pace, in my own way) and afterwards fill my body with love. The live music feels that it's specially played for me, slow when it's needed, strong when it's needed. Allways a good atmosphere and they make a safe place to drink the medicine with around 40 other participants (what the energy makes strong). Food is great, housing is good. I only have compliments and feel grateful.
I did 2 events in the current year. I drove all the way from Switzerland and it was all worth it! There was so much light and love in the events! The team is wonderful. The shaman is a maestro in managing the energy of the group. The musicians are amazing! The team brings the vibration high and beautiful things happen. Personally, I was able to heal some childhood trauma among others. And this is definitely a place where I want to continue my healing journey!