Review for Ayahuasca Ceremony Philippines

Rude and untrustworthy




If you're looking for an ayahuasca retreat look elsewhere. I would not trust these guys with my mind, and neither should you. They are not therapists as their Facebook page says, and they treat people that ask questions about their services very rudely. Everyone should know exactly what they're getting if they're paying thousands of dollars for services. I tried to ask questions about the plant medicines they offer and they basically told me not to rely on what I've read and that they know what they're doing (i.e. just follow them blindly). In the end they called me names, when I said it's unethical to not tell people exactly what you're giving them. Their exact words were "short minded personality", "impatient and arrogant". If this is how they treat people that do their due diligence (as anyone who does psychedelics should) by asking questions, I hope they can actually keep people safe when things go wrong.

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