Five Elements Lodge and EcoTherapy Retreat

Five Elements Lodge on Salt Spring Island, BC is a healing EcoTherapy environment, anti-inflammatory nutritional meals and spa amenities. The owners are a Registered Psychologist and Nurse who offer psychedelic integration services or it can be rented as a retreat center for other integration therapists

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Integration only, medicines are sourced elswhere on Salt Spring

LocationSalt Spring island, BC

How to get

Accommodation and facilities

8 single rooms

4 double rooms

2 dorm rooms


Music that is played during session

pre recorded

Medical and safety

The center has a psychological therapist available on-siteRegistered psychologist

The center conducts an intake processPsychedelic Integration Therapy has an emerging evidence base for treatment of certain conditions (see below). It is best suited to those who have struggled with recovery under ‘usual care’ of counseling and/or medications. Assessment, review of contraindications, and expectations need to be assessed. Discussion of the legal and ethical issues will be covered.

The center provides a follow up integration processThe integration phase begins the day after the participant’s self-dosing session; it involves reviewing the participant’s experience during the dosing session thoroughly and applying therapeutic techniques to reinforce particular aspects of the experience so they foster sustained desirable patterns of thought and behavior. In other words, integration continues the therapeutic process that began during preparation sessions, and intensified during a psychedelic experience. The role of the therapist is to facilitate the integration process and help consolidate the newly developed mindset, including the actualization of insights and initiation of behavioral changes that foster recovery. Conditions Suitable For Integration Ther

The center provides treatment for psychological disordersPTSD, Anxiety, Depression Chronic Pain, End of Life Anxiety, Substance Abuse

The center provides treatment for physical illnessesChronic Pain, Chronic Illness

The center provides treatment for addictionsMotivational Enhancement therapy as part of integration work


Michael Coupland is encouraged by the opportunity to provide effective treatment for PTSD unresponsive to 'usual care'. Michael has 40 years experience treating and overseeing treatment of PTSD as a psychologist embedded in first responder organizations, and as the Medical Director for the psychological and psychiatric treatment network for the largest responder agencies in North America. Dana Coupland's experience as the RN Director of the largest Hospice organization in North America leads her to be enthusiastic about the evidence that integration therapy can provide compassionate end of life care.

Group Size

The center accommodates private ceremonies with a single participant

Maximum 15 persons per group

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