Ayahuasca Defense Fund

The Ayahuasca Defense Fund (ADF) is a program of the International Centre for Ethnobotanic Education, Research and Service that was initiated in response to the growing criminalization of ayahuasca practices worldwide.The ADF is dedicated to shaping a world in which ayahuasca and other traditional psychoactive plants can be used legally and safely. The ADF unites state-of-the-art legal, scientific, community, and public policy expertise.
The ADF’s education work aims at preventing legal incidents before they occur. Because the legal landscape for ayahuasca and other traditional plants is highly complex and confusing and there is substantial misinformation online, efforts to educate and inform are priorities.The ADF website provides information about the legality of ayahuasca around the world, myths and realities around legality, as well as information about legal trends and cases.
In addition to educational efforts, the ADF offers legal advice and works with defendants and their legal counsel worldwide on cases related to ayahuasca and other traditional psychoactive plants. If you or someone you know is facing charges relating to ayahuasca or other traditionally used psychoactive plants, please get in touch.
The ADF is made possible through donations from supportive community members. Please consider supporting efforts to counteract the decriminalization of these practices (http://ayahuascadefense.com/index.php/support-the-adf/).

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