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Lisbon Psychedelic Society is a community-based organization dedicated to promote the knowledge and understanding of psychedelic substances, combining the information of the latest scientific studies with the ancestral and therapeutic use, for a better mental health and lifestyles more in harmony with nature.
We are a local chapter in a larger whole aiming at bringing connectedness between psychonauts who live around or near Lisbon. Our mission is to build a community and bring people together, through dialogue and sharing of experiences, to better understand and find alternatives to legislation where the greatest potential of these substances is achieved. We want to facilitate discussion and connection between people who believe in the beneficial use of psychedelics, bring together people from all walks of life, from experts to the general public, to fight the stigma of psychedelics, bring debate and provide a better understanding of these substances.
NOTICE: We do not engage in or promote illegal activities of any kind, nor in the purchase or sale of illicit substances. Do not come to meetings to ask members where or how to find any illegal substances. Members who violate these basic house rules will be removed from the group and will not be allowed to attend future events.

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