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Amazing Human Beings!!

3000 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80205, USA



I know they don't need to hear it, and just as often probably don't want to as do, but they deserve it ten times over - Dr. Stefanie and Doug are fanning the flames of light and love in the hearts of each and every person they welcome into their home and lives. As we step back and look at the whole of humankind, it's kind of like looking out into space - the vast majority of people are invisible. For a few, their light is still shining long after they're gone from this perceivable universe. And then there are people like Dr. Stefanie and Doug, who shine like a sun in the sky of all who are lucky enough to meet them, and each and every one of those people go back to their lives and homes, and shine a little brighter in the sky of everyone they meet. And some of us... well, some of us walk out the doors of Eden and decide we're ready for a little supernova ourselves.

Visited Saturday, February 20th 2021

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