Review for The Sacred House of Eden

The most significant, positive life-changing experience I've ever known!

3000 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80205, USA



A little about my background: I'm a military veteran with 23 years of service divided between the Marine Corps, Navy, and Army, along with nearly three decades of civilian service as a firefighter-paramedic, flight paramedic, and EMS college instructor. My wife and I discovered the Sacred House of Eden online. We were so moved by reviews of those who had attended, we wanted to have this experience as well. Personally, though I had no real idea what to expect, I was hoping for some sort of clarity or answers about what to do at this stage of my life. However, what actually did happen to me was so unexpected and so profound I am still, almost two months later, amazed and in awe because what actually happened to me went beyond anything I would have believed possible. I am changed, and as a consequence of the change in me, our marriage is changed. Fundamentally and profoundly changed for the better in ways neither my wife nor I had anticipated. Before the retreat, disliking myself, being angry at myself, hating myself, and constantly berating myself was the only way I knew how to exist, having been this way as long as I can remember, and nothing I’d ever done put so much as a dent in the constant self-abuse. Since day two of the retreat, not only have I stopped hating myself, but my internal self-bashing also just stopped! It just stopped! Without any effort, it just stopped. How could such a habit—a virtual reflex—be changed so quickly, and without any effort on my part? I don’t know. Yet, as I write this almost two months later, I am still happy and going strong. My lifetime of being at war with myself is over. A wonderful result of this change in me is that our 21-year marriage has benefited tremendously as well. My previous humor, sometimes too sharp, too dark, or even demeaning, has softened greatly. Now that I love myself, I am free to love Jennifer in a way I simply could not do before. On the second night of the retreat, we were introduced to the “dyad”, an incredibly powerful way of connecting and communicating neither of us had ever seen before. Words cannot adequately describe how moving, how intense, and how liberating the dyad is, but I am confident when I say it is the most powerful method of communing with someone I’ve ever known. Since the retreat, we talk through problems more effectively than ever before, appreciate each other more, and overall feel lighter and happier than ever. How long will all this last? I don’t know, but if research from the past 40 years is any clue, the benefits of this experience will last the rest of my new life. This new way of being and living is amazing, and I do not plan on going backward. Why? I love this new experience of being my own friend. In closing, I want to thank Dr Stefanie and Doug for their vision and all the hard work needed to create this life-healing experience, as well as thank and bless Tam, Warren, and Ashley (our Angels) for their selfless, loving attentiveness and support. Also, the other members of our retreat, Jeff, Steve, Gloria, Alandra, Morgan, Connie, and Margaret, played a tremendous part in my healing. Never have I experienced such heart-felt intimacy, vulnerability, and support with people I'd literally known for 24 hours! Sincerely Tony, Yucaipa, CA

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