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29400 Ronda, Málaga, Spain

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Based in Ronda, "city of dreams", in the province of Malaga, Spain, we are a non-profit association offering free, legal, individual psychedelic sessions with magic mushrooms (Psilocybe cubensis) to those in need. We are dedicated to a world in which all essential goods and services are honoured as priceless gifts of the earth, accessible to all.
Our approach is informed equally by the latest clinical research and guidelines as well as the indigenous ethnomycological practices and knowledge which first brought humans into relationship with the wisdom and power of these incredible organisms.
Beyond the myriad immediate benefits of the session itself, we take special care to empower you with the education, the community, the confidence, and the positive practical experience you need to heal through a lifelong journey in deepening relationship with these fantastic fungal familiars.

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 +34 681031555

This center is open since January 1st 2022



LocationRonda, Spain

How to get thereContact for details

Accommodation and facilities

1 single room

1 double room


Music that is played during session

Live or prerecorded

Medical and safety

The center conducts an intake processPrescreening questionnaire, followed up with interview

The center provides a follow up integration processIntroduction to microdosing, participants invited to participate in clinical trials, post-session questionnaires to evaluate lasting impact

The center provides ceremonies for personal developmentPrivate 1:1 sessions


Siddiq, 14, Elena, 16


Sustainable projectsWe provide free donation based sessions for those in need. We grow our own mushrooms using organic principles.

Research projectsWe collaborate with several research organisations whose studies we refer individuals who participate in our sessions to join, such as Quantified Citizen and Psychedelic Survey, collaborative platforms enriching today's psychedelic renaissance through stronger knowledge sharing, giving people around the world the ability to help psychedelic science by sharing their own meaningful experiences anonymously. On such platforms we invite our participants to join studies such as the Understanding Experiences with Psychedelics study led by the University of Michigan, whose newly established Psychedelic Centre is already publishing some fascinating research. Since we include an introduction to microdosing and meditation in the post-session integration aftercare, we also invite our participants to join the Microdose study led by Zachary Walsh of the University of British Columbia, as well as the Meditation and Microdosing study, designed by Marco Schlosser at University College London and co-run by Amanda Feilding at the Beckley Foundation, Carla Pallavicini and Enzo Tagliazucchi at the University of Buenos Aires, and Otto Simonsson at the Karolinska Institute.

Group Size

The center accommodates private ceremonies with a single participant

Maximum 2 persons per group


Maximum 2 participants per facilitator.

The facilitator stays during session.

Someone who stays sober is present during ceremonies.

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