Review for Nanacatl Healing

She knows the culture and speaks its language

Lia Doranastraat 125, 1031 HH Amsterdam, Netherlands



Nina's long experience with, and her wonder, softness and reverence for this universal medicine is palpable throughout the ceremony and beyond. She knows the culture and speaks its language. The ceremony was curated with the before and aftercare of a kind of birth. Her gentle way, her sure foot, voice and feather were an unbelievable comfort during this flight. I grasp for words to explain how exquisite the experience was in her presence. She was assisted and joined by Annabel's voice and instruments (to experience live vocal and instrumental music with the vibrations and silences it holds is incomparable), as well as by Floor with her gentle movements, her touch and energy work. Carlijn was there to help with any and all necessities, her beautiful garden around us, the tall trees, the fire outside, and with a kind hand and a smile. I am so grateful to have had this experience, and in this setting. and with these people. Thank you.

Visited Thursday, May 18th 2023

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