Nanacatl Healing

Founded by Nina Badoux, Nanacatl Healing facilitates legal, holistic psilocybin ceremonies and retreats in the Netherlands.
With a strong focus on preparation, integration and creating a safe and inviting setting, Nina has guided over 300 groups. Participants attending are thoroughly screened prior their admission, safeguarding a positive outcome for all parties involved.
Nanacatl Healing works through the triad of sound, body and mind. Sound always present by live music during our ceremonies, as to tune into and offer that which is needed in the moment. The body is an incredibly intelligent system which has very powerful inner healing properties. That's why different somatic practices are a big part of Nanacatl Healing's approach. The mind is a wonderful servant but a poor master. Nanacatl Healing helps you to step into a life less dominated by ruminating thoughts and more open to flow and trust in the path that unfolds before you.

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What a beautiful ceremony guided by Nina. She created a safe space with a lot of love, in a beautiful setting. Although you are on your own journey, you can feel the connection with the group. Received lots of healing and insights from this experience. Much appreciate it and loved the live music! :) Yvon M.

- visited 2 months ago

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