Tangerine Retreat

Tangerine Retreat is a center that proposes psychedelic retreats based in the Netherlands.It provides legal psilocybin truffle experiences for personal growth and transformation.
It is focused on providing a safe, supportive and immersive environment for individuals seeking to explore the potential benefits of psilocybin. The retreat is based on magic truffles which is an underground form of psychedelic mushrooms. Psylocybin mushrooms are curently being studied by scientific researches for their supposed effect on depression and anxiety. These studies indicate that proper preparation and attentive, personnalized guidance are key to achieving the best results from psilocybin consumption.
During a retreat, participants receive individual and group therapy sessions before, during and after their psilocybin experience, which is carefully guided and supported by trained facilitators. The retreat center is designed to provide a peaceful and comfortable environment for participants, with spacious private rooms, gardens, and communal spaces for relaxation and integration.

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magic truffles

LocationJoop Geesinkweg 501 1114 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands


Music that is played during session

Relaxing music

Medical and safety

The center has a psychological therapist available on-site

The center provides a follow up integration process


The facilitator stays during session.

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