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Muaisa Hale Pule — Kona, Hawaii


Chief Jack “Golden Feather,’ our resident shaman, is a healer’s healer. An intuitive, a visionary and an artist-born, he came into the world seeing auras. In his infancy, the doctors actually diagnosed him as blind; but he is no more blind than you or I — he was simply watching the 3-D technicolor light show, surrounding all energies, and his eyes did not respond normally to the standard vision tests.

We also have reason to believe that Jack is the only person alive today who did not suffer amnesia in the birth canal. As a result, he was born with a vivid remembrance of himself as divine eternal energy, and with an intact recollection of where he came from –the realm of our eternal existence in a place he calls “Home World.” This is an idyllic paradise of 2 Suns and 3 Moons, a place he has been rendering in crayons and paint ever since childhood.

In 1976, Jack had the opportunity to spend another 155 years in Home World when, following a single-vehicle motorcycle accident, he was pronounced DOA at the emergency ward and remained clinically “dead” for nearly 3 hours. The slide collection below depicts paintings of Home World, which Jack has rendered, mostly in acrylics, over the years. Later, in 1992,

Chief White Feather recognized him as shaman when White Feather and his wife, Crawling Bear Claw, trained and initiated Jack into shamanic practice in the Lakota tradition at Water’s End Reservation in the high desert of Nevada.

Jack is perhaps most remarkable for his uncanny gift of reading people’s energy and his focus on encouraging folks to enjoy their lives as the highest form of worship. Doctors, healers, therapists and patrons from around the world credit him for his swift, targeted, transformative approach. Personal empowerment, his hallmark, is enhanced and encouraged by the sacred energy at our location directly atop the 19.5° VORTEX .

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