Heaven & Hell

Shared by ACHU , experienced 3 years ago.
Substance: LSD in the form of blotters
Amount was 220 µg Oral
This is my first psychedelic experience and my mindset was so curious to know what it is like & I was expecting a spiritual/mystical type experience.
It was in a forest area with a small waterfall.
(Heaven) There is no way I can describe Infinity ,because there is no language for describing that experience. I was beyond my preconceived notion of who I really was.It was the Period of complete transcendence - realisation of the void, beyond words,space-time, beyond every game of reality,no sense of self, no thoughts It was like experiencing an orgasm for an infinite duration. It was the duration of realising that their is no they but only us. The illusion of self was making contact with the one, there was no more 'I' but only pure awareness of oneness .It was as though that the the doors of perception were not only cleansed but they disappeared all together. (Hell) After coming down from the Infinity I was caught up into the world of ego ! And then suddenly the self became aware of the ego death state,it starts to think rationally for maintaining a 'socially acceptable reality' but the result was the definition of nightmare!.The self came to know how deep the rabbit hole really was. It starts to make a new world through some bizarre thought process ..that's it! rest of my experience was all about that infamous nightmarish adventure of my own ego game - the bad trip! At the end,this heaven & hell trip ends up becoming the ultimate unpleasant experience which nobody would like to have again in their life.Anyway the whole point of this write up is all about the 'uniqueness' of the whole experience even if it was a nightmare...