After many experiences on ketamine, I had one that changed the rest of my life

Shared by QM , experienced 2 years ago.
Substance: Ketamine
I started experimenting with ketamine about 2 or 3 years on that quiet night in November. It wasn't until I tried 180mg via IM injection that I realized I would never be the same. Up until that moment, my trips and dissociations never really made much sense or connected with me. Sometimes they were memories from my past and sometimes they just felt like another person's dreams. However, on that night, I was launched out of my body into a sacred and holy experience. I lost sense of self and I felt like I was in a place that my brain could not comprehend. From what I could tell, I was not a single point but instead everything. I could hear a voice that was both booming and quiet. It felt inside me and outside me. Without being told while also knowing I was receiving this information, I realized that love is the most important thing in our dimension because we are actually all one. One being, one Universe, one energy. After learning this, I was shot back into my body. It took me many days to be able to digest that information and even longer to apply it to my life. After having this experience, it has helped me in so many areas of my life. It has given me new hope and opportunism knowing that this life is not the end. It gave me drive to find out more and to share this new information with others. It has helped me to connect with others in ways I would have been too afraid to before. I have also started to work on improving myself so that I may, by extension, be at full capacity to help others.