Lsd and my ceiling of spirituality

Shared by Keith Gordon , experienced 4 years ago.
Me and my wife playing video games.
My apartments living room
This experience took place last year and was one of the most transcendental experiences of my life. It was a weakend and me and my wife had no plans so i figured id take advantage of my free time and drop some acid. Up until this point i had taken lsd probably 7-10 times and typically only would take 2 or 3 tabs. For whatever reason this time i bought 6 tabs with full intentions to take them all at once and see what it would be like. I get home and pop the six tabs under my tongue and wait. After a lil while they start to kick in and i start going through the normal routine. As my wife sits there playing mario 64 I get real giggly and start to notice the enhanced color and vividness of everything. I laugh for a while watching my wife fall off of ledges and listening to mario scream. This was very hilarious to me. As the trip intensified i began to focus less on the game and more on my surroundings. By this time everything in the room was wavy or moving. I lay back on the couch for a moment, pop some headphones in an play some brain entrainment frequencies(i find they intensify my trip) and look up at the ceiling. Right about now is where it gets crazy. As the frequencies play in my ears and i stare at the ceiling i began to get lost in the sea of fractals that my ceiling had become. The longer i stare the more active the ceiling gets to the point that the fractals began crawling down the walls. After a while I get so lost in the fractals i began making images out of them similar to the way you make images out of clouds. Seeing faces and shapes of humanoid body outlines. I start probing my conscious asking myself deep questions in my head. “If the big bang created everything,what created the initial particles in space?”.... “Wtf is space?” …. What if we're just tiny organisms living in gods body?”... “Are we even real or are we just pure thought that has manifested our own physical reality?”.... This went on for a while and the questions just kept popping into my head. I started to believe that god was giving me these questions, not intending for me to answer them but just wanting me to ask them. My brain spoke to me, telling me these unfathomable questions are the path that leads to the center point of all existance… from that trip on i became very spiritual. Understanding death is an illusion if existance is possible. If there was just blackness in death then its still something… blackness…...until existence disappears and perception and conscious is gone then there is always something to be observed even if it was just black space(which i dont believe)... Anyways. From that point on ive been very spiritual and use psychedelics to connect to this higher form of thinking. This experience changed my life forever making me understand that even though theres questions i cant answer that as long as i ask these questions i know theres something, as long as there is concious existance there can never be nothing…. So thats my trip report. Thanks for reading :)