Life altering comunication

Shared by TL , experienced 7 years ago.
Substance: LSD
Substance: Ketamine
Substance: Psilocybin mushrooms
Substance: MDMA
I was fleeing from an ex, it was an abusive situation.. running through a field I decide to take my paper lsd, in case the police showed up, i didn't want to get caught with it... but i took 3 1/2 tabs. I believe it was the most eye opening experience I've ever had with the substance. When i was free of him, i started climbing a hill, and i sat down and when it hit me, i read a poem i wrote out loud, and it was like the universe was in tuned with me, when i said sad parts, it would rain, and when it went back to normal, the rain would stop. After thw poem was done, it was like the universe qas replying to me, telling me it understood what i was going through and that things would get better... Once again when i was walking, talking about how people were loving and coming towards me, everything on the side of the road was growing in, full of life, towards the street. When i was talking about my trauma, and how i started puahing people away, so they left, the trees and shrubbery was dead and pushed away from the road. I dunno... It kinda opened my eyes up to a higher power, or a higher force than myself... And ever since then, i have been more open and loving, less depressed, and more helpful to others.. it changed my life completely!!