One ayahuasca experience gave painful emotional release

Shared by MP , experienced a year ago.
Substance: Ayahuasca
Two years prior to my ayahuasca experience I broke down with stress, and was on sick leave for months before finally quitting my job. At first the stress seemed to be work related, but today I'm not convinced this was the case. In the time to follow, I slowly crawled back to a parttime freelance job. It was a coping strategy i "chose", to be able to control my environment. I soon discovered something had broken in my mind, and i struggled with anxiety and a feeling of perpetual overwelmedness. In late 2019 my life partner finally convinced me to join an ayahuasca ceremony, and after a few weeks of mental preparation and diet, the ceremony day came. The experience was emotionally excruciating for me, as years and years of repressed emotions and feelings of lack of self care, and self love, was forcefully purging out of my body. As I finally emerged from the experience, I somehow felt as delicate, raw and pure as a small child. It was done - at least the physical part. In the days, weeks and months to follow, I began working on integrating the experience. I soon noticed that my anxiety had almost completely disappeared, maybe 98% reduced and is still getting better, and my sleep quality has improved. Today, three months later, I feel that I have much easier access to my own emotions and I am to feel and act more true to myself. I'm still not convinced that I wan't to do another ceremony, but I will cherish this experience as a great healing opportunity for me.