First LSD Trip

Shared by Gareth , experienced 4 years ago.
Substance: LSD
My first LSD trip in 2017 was extremely intense. I was with a friend and my brother in his apartment. We took a tab each and as the LSD started to take affect colours started becoming brighter and static images started to move. It was a bright sunny day and as I started to peak, my brother and friend wanted to leave the apartment to go to the park. I reluctantly went, but I started to lose my grasp on the world around me and so the walk to the park was a bit of a struggle. I felt very aware of the people around me in the street and I felt that they could tell that I was tripping (although in retrospect, I'm sure I was acting quite normally to an outside observer). We eventually made it to the park, and we sat on the grass. It felt like we were in the garden of Eden - people were sat around enjoying the sun and there were children playing. The grass, trees and plants all seemed to be brimming with life and colour. Although the surroundings felt heavenly, at times I felt that everything had lost all meaning - language, labels, relationships, society - it felt like they were all just an empty narrative that didn't have any intrinsic meaning. Later we walked back to my brother's apartment and we sat in the garden. I sat under a tree and watched the bees buzzing around. I felt a profound connection to nature, and I felt like a small cog in a grand machine. My mind was reeling with new perspectives on society and life. I felt the positive impact of the trip from days to weeks after - I felt de-stressed, reflective and mindful.