Releasing the valve of stored unprocessed emotions

Shared by AV , experienced 3 years ago.
Substance: Psilocybin mushrooms
Substance: Ayahuasca
Substance: San Pedro cactus
I visited a ceremony in South Florida with my now husband. We were on the brink of parting our ways, each with our own trauma impairing our ability to relate authentically. The ceremony involved rapé and ayahuasca in the evening and San Pedro, psilocybin chocolate and cannabis cookie the following morning. It was the single most transformative experience of our lives. I have experienced the beginning of releasing my unprocessed emotions from my subconscious and my body. I understood how shielding myself from feeling pain essentially bottled it up and prevented me from feeling anything else: joy, love, compassion, and everything else. I saw where these patterns stem from. It was not very pleasant: I grieved the deaths of family members and pets; I saw generations of women in my family choosing the same behavior patterns and passing the trauma down from generation to generation; I let the tears run for all of us. I also saw just how healing my husband’s love is for my heart wounds. We experienced the joy of each other’s companionship and recognized each other’s divinity. We have participated in many more similar ceremonies, each time working on various other issues, but the first ceremony was certainly the most transformative.