Peace and connectedness after darkness.

Shared by TN , experienced 5 years ago.
Substance: LSD
This is a feeling that is hard to put into words. In martial arts I learned a breathing exercise in which one’s consciousness is stretched like a bowstring from the depths of earth and darkness to the edges of light and the universe. My experience with LSD translated this into a physical and emotional sensation. I had lived my life fighting to hide and suppress my emotions and my body’s physiological reactions to them. I saw my body and emotions as ugly things that needed to be controlled and stifled, which led me to focus hatefully towards myself and eventually towards others, culminating in a “dark night of the soul” experience in my mid-twenties. I took the LSD as a last resort of sorts—I’d been raised to be extremely against “drugs,” but I was at a point where I was willing to try almost anything. It worked. I felt the honesty and purity of my emotions, my body, and my connection to the earth. I felt my inner light reaching all the way from the transcendent part of me that knows all is as it should be, down through my darkest impulses to shed light on the pain and fear hiding at the very bottom. I felt compassion for myself and for others, who I could now clearly see were struggling with variations of the same pain and fear. This experience changed my life dramatically for the better in just a matter of hours. I will always be grateful.