🐸 A recent Kambo healing 🐸

Shared by Rob F , experienced 9 months ago.
Substance: Kambo
The healer Narda prepared a shrine. She began the ceremony with thanks to Pacha Mama. Connecting with ancestors, I send love and light to cousin Sean who passed several years ago unexpectedly. Yeshe Trinley, whom I met on a meditation retreat - a Scottish Buddhist monk and chef who slept an hour a night, meditated in caves, and liked to astral travel... - is present. He knew to impart his guidance in the little time together on retreat. A loving and deep seeing being. It brings me back to the assistance of Milarepa before my near-fatal car crash, empowered to walk into my fears and see that the lower energies need your pride. It brings me back to the Cotswolds retreat with Pantheon of Aeternam. She began the ceremony with the protection of San Miguel. I was able to let go of feeling bad about setting aside time for this. Moving forward with inhalation of rapé, I became lightheaded and clear-minded. Within my consciousness, I could see that without expressing myself more, I was weakening myself. I shared about my last return to Winchester before the car crash, in which I rapidly healed after a weekend with family in a challenging time. The ceremony moved forward with sananga and loosening up while dancing to a Ganesha kirtan. I went on to share about moments of samadhi, experiencing unity with the breath and with unconditional Love. These experiences ended due to mental grasping. Another time, while in a period of communication with Thoth, I awoke at night without ego, able to see my separate sense of self coming back while in a regular state of consciousness. Receiving kambo, as usual, there was little physical purging for me, the need being more energetic cleansing. Pranayama during the heightened physical response helps stay centered through it. When I went to the bathroom to excrete, I noticed that my anxiety in relation to hearing a family member move around the house was bringing up nausea. The healer shared her wisdom of this time as a period for going within. The medicine had quite an effect; going for a walk to the woods, my usual annoyance at having to part ways with other humans on the sidewalk was different as I had gone through recalibration. It was a totally different experience without the medication making my exhausted in the morning. There was a lack of any desire for drinking alcohol. Now there was an energetic mismatch... I let go of other imbalanced habits that weren't helping me. It was one of the gifts from the retreat, to room with Lewis Powell, a kambo healer. I am greatful for having received this support from him, Alanna Collins at Journeys of Transformation and Narda Spencer.