Research every direction first

Shared by mike powell , experienced 2 years ago.
Substance: DMT in the form of Freebase Extract
Amount was 50 mg Smoked
25mg visual trip then 40-50mg breakthrough dunk for the Grand Jam
Healthy diet leading up then a fasting 30 hours prior. Solitude had my mood perfect. Research extracting then experiencing had me perfectly connected to my surroundings and experience. Amazing. Priceless. Not worthy. Envy for the ingnorant
Home while roomates offshore working. 5 Dogs worn out from play and great meals. So they slept and didnt fuss for attention Dim Room blue blanket over lamp like a dripping blanket( i knew that would do something cool) it did drip when my visuals started. I set my room up so it would look amazing if thats what could happen. Wasnt really supposed to watch viauals but didnt know..maybe i did know but wanted a rewarding show. I played PF Time for my visual dmt trip. But music tones out. Amazing pressure and reality shift.
I never did anything like this But i was sure it was my path I researched everything on dmt, ecology, spiritual beliefs. I had epiphanies of my own Just making connections. A close friend that had NDE litterally Knowledge roofied me. Complete sober awakening of loss hurt losing every belief and idea. Vaporizing every conclusion created by my physical time aware. I still studied relentlessly every aspect of this spirit molecule. I never impatiently seeked the molecule because i knew for almost entire year that it will happen when its time. Time came i ordered extracted beautifully 250g mhrb yeilding 3.7 grams dmt ..plant fats included in my yield as experience is also part of the journey. I was not afraid i sat down alone torched up a good dose until i saw visuals. Never seen anything like it so i didnt go further into a dose. After 10 minutes i decided to really go for it. I blasted Shine on you crazy diamond and took the most intense ferocious free base hits struggling to keep the physical physical so i can get the beast blastoff i had been dedicated a year to. And i did. I won. And its mine. Nothing can prepare you. Its not the first time you should fuss and question. The second one was pretty nerve racking building balls knowing whats going to possibly go down. Do your thing. But research please. The stupidity i see everywhere and thats why the sacred medicines that are so pure stay illegal because its treated as a high, a drug, an altered state of delusion. Knowledge and intentions of great outcomes and experiences of love and happiness and overall empathy for all is what i truly believe in. My mind is mine. So are my experiences in breakthroughs and knowledge learned. It doesnt need to be told for if it was. It would be very familiar to all. Enjoy your time.