If despair disappears, meaning for life may take place again.

Shared by DB , experienced 7 years ago.
Substance: San Pedro cactus
Substance: Psilocybin truffels
Substance: Ayahuasca
Substance: Ketamine
With a lot of judgment in my environment for Plant medicine. I will not recommend it to anyone, just like that. After all, it is a movement that comes from within, the spirit calls you in silence. Take you by the hand on a journey ... That doesn't stop anymore A few years ago I made the decision to step out of life. I saw no way out. I just about everything. A body that was a major trauma in which everything met me 1000 times. I was almost on the street. I had to make decisions that I could barely handle ... A whole bunch of shit. I didn't know what anymore. I didn't see any meaning in life anymore. I didn't find them. I didn't see it anymore. Then I met aya for the first time. She took me by the hand ... (through dreams and meditation) And said there was another way. I didn't believe it. I did yoga, breath work, soul retrieval. I still gave up. I felt unheard of, misunderstood, unseen. Even when I entered the ceremony I was convinced of this. The spirit of the plant spoke and saw and it was allowed to be there. The first lesson from so many. I got to know the holy 3-6-9 power, Who let the dynamics between the inner child, the feminine and the masculine ... A real process of consciousness in which I was allowed to see my own shit. The dragons side by side, which stand for beholding. This that I can still share today through energetic work. My uniqueness. I can still tell so much about the ceremony ... The wisdom, the inner work that I went back to afterwards. I woke up with different eyes. I crawled, I screamed, my body cracked. I was allowed to slide deep on the roots... To say ... Afterwards, yess i will give life another chance. Thankful for the experience, The magic, The consciousness process. And all the things that afterwards stole one heart such as ELW, awareness through breathing exercises, shamanic energetic practices, creativity, bodywork, the East method, ... I got special teachers on my path. It was a start of hope that in the meanwhile became the meaning in life. Of course also because of what I did afterwards, By the teachers I met, And always dare to engage myself, gave time for integration, after all we have to do it. ☺️ 1 ceremony that made a real difference to me. Off course I keep busy with my daily practice (meditation, walking breathing, drumming, chit chat with spirit, yoga and other body-oriented therapies, and what it showed me then) in my own way, as well as knots that were cut... You've got to do it by yourself, if you don't the essential difference is only temporary, Maybe the plant has also laid the principles for devotion. 😉 #thankyouplantmedicine #Thankyouaya and www.puurdaisy.com thanks to the plants for their service, that I may propagate this.