Solstice Ceremonie

Shared by SA , experienced 5 years ago.
Substance: Ayahuasca
Substance: San Pedro cactus
Substance: Yopo
I was looking for my place in this world for so long. After two years of traveling, crossing the ocean with a sailboat, arriving on a new continent, I crossed several borders on foot, by bus, with my van, continuing to search and search, until I arrived in this very small community where I live today since 4 years now. I did not seek to work with Sacred Plants. My destiny was calling me. My first experience with Sacred Plants was 4 years ago. It was during the celebration of a Solstice. It was a very beautiful moment. A traditional ritual with a circle of people who are now my family. The Sacred Fire was there to bring us together. I found my place in this world in this very small community. Now, every day, I learn to respect Mother Nature. Every week I learn to serve the Sacred Plants that help us to open our hearts, to change our behaviors, to become truly human, to develop the true meaning of this life: with humility, to recognize how small we are, to be grateful to have the chance to be able to change, to be who we really are, to be able to participate in the appearance of an ideal world where harmony reigns and where we are aware of our relationship with the greatest, the Great Spirit. Sacred plants like Grandmother Mama Coca, Grandfather Tobacco, Grandmother Ayahuasca, Grandfather Huachuma are not drugs. They are Masters. They are real beings. They are Sacred. They are not conditioned like us. They are not here to take you on a trip. They are there to awaken your consciousness, to make you be present here and now, to make you discover who you are, what your relationships are, how you can participate in life, how you can be really alive, how you can make changes in you and around you. Please respect them! They are amazing, wonderful, beautiful. There are taking care of us, really!