Ayahuasca Shamanic 5 days: "Remember who you Are "

Ceremony for I*C*U Ayahuasca ( Holland)

04-25-2019 09:00 to 04-29-2019 14:00

 Het Boshuis Noorderdijkweg 23, 1771 MJ Wieringerwerf, the Netherlands @ Noorderdijkweg 23, 1771 MJ Wieringerwerf, Netherlands

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Created by  Avigdor  4 years ago

Ayahuasca Shamanic 5 days: "Remember who you Are " This is a 5 days retreat with shamanic rituals ( as Holotropic breathwork, transdance & soul retrieval ) and 2x Ayahuasca ceremonies,integration day (the Netherlands ) Max. 20 Participants.
The Retreat: We all have times that we feel lost... Dis-Connected from whom we really are. We feel all alone...and don't dare to ask for help. Still...we feel we need to make the break- trough . To reach the beyond...of what limits us... To be....ourselves
This is a 5 days transformation & Re-Connection retreat which will bring you connecting with your spirit, and to be able to live the life that you deserve... The life you meant to live.
Retreat elements:
  • Holotropic Breathwork & mandala drawing.
  • Chakra Activation:
  • Soul Retrieval
  • 2x Ayahuasca Ceremony with live healing sound journey.
  • sharing groups
  • Nature Bathing -Nature Awareness walk.
  • integration day (29/04) with Qi Gong, walk in nature .
Investment: Retreat : 635 euro ( all meals, thee, water included) Lodge: bed in shared rooms- 12,50 € per night( 4 nights)
Registration & payment: : ( 135 euro registration fee, the rest (500) contact when arrival) send email to avigdorbeker@hotmail.com of whatsapp: +31 6 24241006
or bank : NL49 INGB 0705 2505 39 bic bank: INGBNL2A name: A.Beker
what to bring: *blanket or sleeping bag.
  • towel
  • easy cloths ( for breath session) & white cloths (for ceremony)
  • slippers & thick socks
Contact: email: avigdorbeker@hotmail.com or whatsapp: +31624241006
Guiding: The retreat guided by Avigdor Beker en team. Shamanic rituals: Avi Beker, Bas Janssen, Marieke van Sprundel Musissions: Pascal van de pol, Henriette Native Flute, Richard Hereijgers (sound healing) and team of ICU Ayahuasca
Location: ( in nature) Het Boshuis Noorderdijkweg 23, 1771 MJ Wieringerwerf, the Netherlands
Information: Holotropic Breathwork (Avigdor & ICU Team ) is a powerful approach to self-examination and healing. It combines accelerated breathing with suggestive music in a special set and setting. This state activates the natural inner healing process of the psyche of the individual, through which he or she experiences inner experiences.
Chakra Activation: Marieke van Sprundel Chakra Activation – a Journey to discover your Innermost Self Your inner world is a mystical world, longing to reveal itself to you! On this journey we move, breathe and dance, and - as we are guided by sounds and music - we let our senses guide us deeper and deeper into our beautiful selves. We start to connect to that serpent-like energy at the base of our spine, our vital life force energy: Kundalini Shakti. As we follow that energy, we will connect to each chakra along the way, from base up to the crown, experiencing the elemental realities of each chakra - earth, water, fire, air, sound, light, and transcendent consciousness. It is a movement meditation to experience the subtle energies in your body. You will get to know yourself in a different way, an expanded version of yourself, way beyond your body and mind… It will awaken new dimensions in your spiritual journey.
Soul Retrieval ( Avi, Marieke, Bas) is a powerful shamanic ritual where we will find and embrace lost soul parts. The starting point is when we experience trauma, part of our vital essence separates from us to survive the experience by escaping the full impact of the pain.
Ayahuasca (Avigdor & ICU Team ) For centuries, the indigenous tribes of the Amazon have used the sacred medicine Ayahuasca as a powerful tool for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and awakening. Ayahuasca is divine, sacred and magical. It teaches a deep respect for life and the world, facilitating personal healing and self-discovery far beyond the boundaries of conventional modern medicine. Indeed, it is believed that a single Ayahuasca session has the potential to be equally as effective as 10 years of psychotherapy or 3 years of meditation.
Integration: Qi Gong ( Bas Janssen) After a journey with the medicine plant ayahuasca, it is important to literally bring the acquired insights into the world. For this it is important to come back to the body and back on earth so that the transition to the normal world is as easy as possible. For this we offer a workshop with various exercises from among others the qi gong. We are going in a gentle way to get our consciousness into our bodies, to align and strengthen our body energy. Afterwards you stand with both feet on the ground again so that you can fully focus on the integration of all the insights gained.

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