Traditional Bwiti ​Iboga Healing Retreats in Costa Rica

Ceremony for 1kara Retreat Centre

07-30-2021 16:00 to 08-05-2021 11:00

  @ Portalón, Provincia de Puntarenas, Savegre, Costa Rica

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Created by  Ikara Iboga Retreat Centre  2 years ago

​If it is here you find yourself, we welcome you in the knowledge that you are possibly seeking answers to unique life circumstances? We need never fear our questions, for questions always imply answers, and further we need never fear ourselves, for all of us remain unique, gifted and loved by the divine wisdom of nature. Iboga is the gateway for the study of life, the Bwiti tradition preserved within its spirit is our guide towards the artform of observance of the self. Iboga meets us where we need to be met, it knows us and anticipates our arrival. From this point of knowledge, it teaches us that we are the seers and not that which we see, we create that which we see and experience. From here we end ignorance, afflictions and pain, the spirit of Iboga begins its teachings, life lessons of strength and love.
Our Iboga facilitators continue their intensive training with the medicine and are realized with sensibility and grace which comes from in-depth knowledge of the Bwiti tradition and practical experience of healing many through Iboga. Iboga´s strength in developing connections through spirit results in neural cleansing, circulatory enhancement and unblocking of energies, trapped or resting as residue within the physical, whilst offering reasons for their physical manifestation. We learn new patterning and responsibility in our healing. As children find themselves in a new environment and susceptible to new patterns we require nurturing, empathy and guidance to ensure maximum development for the individual during and after their experience with Iboga. Our providers stabilize and sustain space through traditional wisdom in the understanding of the unique circumstance we find ourselves as individuals. Your confidentiality, your expression, your direction is secure, understood and fostered through compassion. You are free to heal with the supremely intelligent guidance of Iboga - whatever we seek to remove we are loved and assisted in the most incredible of ways.
Become in possession of yourself, inhabit the life you are, cultivate that which you dream. Move beyond any need to prove yourself to yourself or others, for you are light, sound and electromagnetic energy of one substance waiting to fulfill what is yours.
Iboga knows you, Bwiti knows you, become yourself, take what is yours, generate your freedom.
We are offering 7 day, 6 night Iboga retreats in southern Costa Rica. Our retreats are completely orientated around traditional Missoko Bwiti protocols. The tradition of the Bwiti needs to be present for the healing to be deepened . The ancestral spirits and people´s of Bwiti emblaze and amplify the connection to the root.
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