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Ceremony for La Mezquita

07-25-2021 10:00 to 07-25-2021 19:00

  @ Carrer de Sorolla, 14, 03560 El Campello, Alicante, Espanya

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Created by  LaSociedadPsicodelica  2 years ago

Psychedelic Picnic - San Pedro
From the Psychedelic Society, we are pleased to invite you to a psychedelic picnic and walk in the countryside. Come and enjoy the countryside and the human connection. The day will begin with a small ceremony on the slopes of the Cabeçó d'Or where we will share an ancient drink called Wachuma, which means "guardian of the gates of heaven" prepared from the San Pedro cactus, which contains the psychoactive component known as mescaline. The San Pedro cactus has been used for more than 10,000 years in Andean civilizations during their sacred rituals. Today, mescaline has important therapeutic applications in clinical psychology and psychiatry, and is also used in mystical rituals and processes. Mescaline connects us with the life force, with nature and with the group that gathers around it and, sometimes, with the divinity and/or the divinity within ourselves, allowing us to see the place we occupy in life. For those of you who are familiar with the cactus, you will know that the countryside is the perfect setting for the event.
The hike is only 2.5 km and the terrain is quite flat. In the event that it is too hot, we will go to the ceremony site by car. It is quite a relaxed plan and you can bring the children to accompany us. Children are the perfect excuse to connect with the experience that the cactus gives us of discovering our inner child. Once we are flowing on the journey, we will share food, ideas, music, and laughter.
The spot for the ceremony has been carefully chosen. It has become a tradition to share San Pedro by a pine that protects us with its shade and connects us to the energy of the tree of life.

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