Kiyumi Psychedelic Retreat

Ceremony for Kiyumi Psychedelic Retreats

02-21-2020 16:00 to 02-24-2020 12:00


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Created by  Amit Elan  3 years ago

We combine traditional and contemporary approaches, along with a deep focus on creative and somatic practices, where both seasoned explorers and new initiates from all walks of life can experience the potential of alternative states of consciousness and personal growth.
Some of our key features:
❊ Hatha Yoga ❊ Vegan meals from our intuitive talented Chef ❊ Integration Session ❊ Embodied Movement ❊ Dance ❊ Voice-Body-Sound workshop ❊ Mindfulness meditation ❊ Creative processes ❊ Nature explorations ❊ Night celebrations ❊ Nurturing Touch ❊ Shiatsu

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