The Buena Vida Psilocybin Healing Retreat

Ceremony for The Buena Vida Psychedelic Retreats

05-24-2019 17:57 to 05-29-2019 17:57

 Sano Bay Resort @ Lengüeta Arenosa, B.C., Mexico

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Created by  Amanda Schendel  4 years ago

Intention.Ceremony. Joy.
These three words describe the goal of The Buena Vida Psychedelic retreats. We use sacred pant medicines to heal past traumas, unveil creativity and inspire gratitude. Sound bowl vibrations, magical meditations, free-flowing dance and a judgement-free community surround our work. Take a safe, secure adventure into the most mystical area of the universe: your inner self!
Though many of us have tried "magic mushrooms" as young adults in a recreational or party-type setting, the healing effects of fungi are finally being discovered, studied and shown to the public. These ancient fungi have a lot more to offer than just a simple good time.
Those looking to heal chronic depression, anxiety, social awkwardness, PTSD or even simply a lack of purpose in their lives are sure to benefit from a safe session with psilocybe mushrooms. When done at the correct dosage and under the care and supervision of experienced, caring facilitators, these little magic fungi can help us get to the root of our issues and find the strength to heal ourselves.
Possibly even more important than the mushrooms themselves is the preparation, integration and sense of community that will be provided at Sol Medicine. You'll have the opportunity to learn from those around you and receive counsel from our dedicated leaders. Be sure to bask in the glory of unspoiled nature and remember what its like to live a life of happiness and gratitude.

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