Colloquium on Psychedelic psychiatry

Conference for Nätverket för Psykedelisk Vetenskap (NPV)

10-13-2018 06:00 to 10-14-2018 16:00

 Elite Hotel Marina Tower @ Saltsjöqvarns kaj 25, 131 71 Nacka, Zweden

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Created by  Tim Psy Ex  5 years ago

“Colloquium” is a latin term with three interpretations, the most common of which refers to an academic seminar. The Colloquium on Psychedelic Psychiatry 2018 will be a high quality, 2-day international academic seminar on psychedelic science, with a special focus on the use of psychedelics in psychiatry.
Colloquium can however also refer to a musical piece celebrating birth or distribution of good news, (a hymn in other words). This, we thought, would be an apt metaphor for the current state of affairs of psychedelic research, with groundbreaking projects and promising results sprouting globally. The recent findings open the doors to a new era of psychiatry, offering new possibilities to understand the pathologies behind mental health problems and address them at their roots.
Last but not least, colloquium is also a legal term used to describe the part of a defamation complaint in which the plaintiff averts slanderous remarks related to him or her. As such we would like to regard this conference as a symbolic colloquium against the derogatory campaigns which lead to the abandonment of a whole field of study in the 60's. We aim to help the current research shed much needed light upon this important field, breaking the stigma bestowed upon it and releasing the potential it holds both in regard for medicine and science in general.
It's with great honour and anticipation that we hereby extend an invitation to you alongside the rest of the psychedelic science community to gather in Sweden this coming October!

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