Sacred Psilocybin Ceremony

Ceremony for Nanacatl Healing

09-02-2023 12:30 to 09-02-2023 19:00

  @ Leeweg 14, 2203 LD Noordwijk, Netherlands

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Created by  Nina Badoux  12 days ago

SACRED PSILOCYBIN CEREMONY This journey with psilocybin is an invitation to go within. I want to invite you to let go of that which no longer serves you. And to step into the memory of who we are, that which we are all a part of. Psilocybin amplifies what’s already inside you. It shines light on that which demands attention. I am here to assist you with this introduction, or perhaps reunion. And to help you get acquainted with your own inner healer. Change is inherent in life. How life changes can be your own choice. THE WORK The work you give yourself consists of 2 weeks. PREPARATION A week before the ceremony, your preparation starts with a 1:1 video consultation. Based on this, I will give you homework that is tailored to you. This prepares you for your journey. You can do this in addition to your daily routine. THE CEREMONY The ceremony itself takes up a full day. INTEGRATION Integration is just as important as preparation. That is why you will receive a final 1:1 video consultation a week after the ceremony. Through this method, the experience can integrate into your daily life and help you with the transition and transformation. A NOTE OF CAUTION If you have heart problems, serious psychological problems or psychoses, or if you use antidepressants or lithium. Please first contact us.

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