4 Day Integrative Retreat near Amsterdam ❊

Ceremony for Kiyumi

08-25-2022 10:00

  @ Meeuwenveenweg 1, 7971 PK Havelte, Hollandia

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Created by  Kiyumi Collective  7 months ago

❊ August 25 - 28 2022, Meeuwenveen ❊
Our four-day all inclusive retreat is a powerful and connective psychedelic process that deeply explores mind, body and spirit. Featuring a psilocybin ceremony, it encompasses an in-depth process of preparation and integration, and includes several holistic practices and workshops, such as Yoga, free dance, somatic voice/sound work, mindfulness and other contemplative and embodiment disciplines. They are hosted at one of our beautiful close-to-nature retreat centers, located within a two-hour drive from Amsterdam.
The retreat is facilitated in small groups of up to 15 people to ensure an intimate and secure experience, with a ratio of one facilitator for every four participants. Meals are prepared by our body-conscious chefs and are specially designed to be delicious, nutritious and supportive of the process.
This retreat is open to all healthy individuals who are interested in exploring themselves in a psychedelic self-development context.
Day 1 ❊ Preparation We will meet in the afternoon around 14h30 in Amsterdam, then will be traveling together to the venue to settle in, get comfortable, land with a dinner & connect with each other.
Day 2 ❊ Ceremony After morning practice, we will begin our day connecting with a clear intention. Next we have check-ins and prepare you for the psychedelic journey ahead. Our ceremony will take place in the afternoon and will follow with dinner and evening activities.
Day 3 ❊ Integration We will begin the day with a morning conscious rave (optional). After breakfast, we will introduce tools that will support integrating the experience and insights gained from your psilocybin journey into your daily life. In the evening, you will have time to enjoy the atmosphere of togetherness.
Day 4 ❊ Conclusion❊ On the last day we will conclude our experience together with further integration tools and a closing circle.

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