Retreat with conscious use of Ayahuasca

Ceremony for Dragonfly

10-21-2021 17:00 to 10-24-2021 13:00

  @ Málaga, Spain

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Created by  Dragonfly Retreats  a year ago

Our retreats are an opportunity to peel back the layers of our conditioning, going beyond our judgements, limitations and characters, and reconnecting with our divine essence - the essence of love.
We use ayahuasca, bufo alvarius, and kambo as tools to support this journey, as well as offering integration sessions each morning with our team of experts.
The people who attend our retreats generally go on to make a significant change in their lives, often leaving behind addictions, unfulfilling careers, destructive relationships, and unhealthy habits, in order to regain their dignity and move into a life more aligned with who they really are.
We work in a non-traditional way, allowing the spontaneity of life to surprise us in each moment, without following any rigid system or dogma, but instead creating a space for the mystery to arrive, trusting that everything arriving in each moment is exactly what consciousness has created in order to awaken.
As well as ancestral remedies, we work with a number of other techniques - breathwork, meditation, biodance, systemic therapy, and more. We tailor our approach to the participants, allowing us to create whatever is needed and appropriate in each moment.
Our retreat is facilitated by two main facilitators, with over 12 years of combined experience working with these medicines, as well as a deeply trained support team, who will be on hand throughout to accompany you in this journey.
This three-night retreat will take place in a beautiful villa about 50 minutes drive from Malaga in the South of Spain. The swimming pool, sunbeds, and beautiful views over the mountains and nature in this environment make this the perfect place to enter into a journey within.
Transfers from and to the airport are included with this retreat.

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