4 Day Ayahuasca retreat/5 days Ayahuasca & Tobacco retreat

Ceremony for Acsauhaya

07-04-2019 10:00 to 07-08-2019 10:00

 Acsauhaya retreat center @ Doetinchem, Netherlands

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Created by  Acsauhaya  4 years ago

The program of our 4-day healing retreat is intense, with three ayahuasca ceremonies in three consecutive days. The ceremonies will be led by our Peruvian shaman and guided by our experienced facilitator. You should be ready for deep inner and personal work in order to achieve healing on the physical, emotional, psychological and energetic levels.
We offer the option to prolong the 4-day ayahuasca healing retreat to a 5-day retreat, with our optional tobacco ceremony. If you enhance your healing experience by including the tobacco ceremony, you add a very intense purification. All plant medicines essentially work on cleansing our bodies and minds, but each plant still has its own virtue.
For more details and booking, visit our website: Acsauhaya.org Or email us at info@acsauhaya.org

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