Ceremony for La Mezquita Psychedelic Retreat Centre

06-17-2021 to 06-21-2021 10:00

  @ Carrer de Sorolla, 14, 03560 El Campello, Alicante, Spanyolország

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Created by  LaSociedadPsicodelica  2 years ago

You are invited to the wonderful world of sacred plant rituals. The Sociedad Psicodélica offers a retreat with various therapies. Our retreats are carefully planned to allow participants to explore the depths of their consciousness and allow deep healing in order to move towards a new beginning: a new life.
We try to ensure that the size of the group (which is not usually more than 8 people) allows us to create an intimate space and that everyone feels comfortable both among the participants of the retreat and with the facilitators of the service. The retreat focuses on bringing you back into alignment with your true self, your natural rhythms and those of nature. This retreat is specially designed for people who want to have their first psychedelic experience.
There will be two ceremonies in which the space will be controlled and you can feel safe and accompanied at all times. Psilocybin is a natural substance that will allow you to explore yourself with a renewed vision to do work at a deep level while having a great time with the other participants of the retreat. Our accommodation is comfortable but basic, all amenities are provided but are shared. We strive to keep costs to a minimum for our guests so we can focus on providing the best possible treatments, therapies and ceremonies. Areas for reading, relaxing and reflection.
A spiritual development room, where we practice mediation, yoga, mantras and other spiritual practices. A psychedelic garden, our medicines are grown on site. A music room, with a standing piano, drums, cajón, guitars and a variety of traditional and world music instruments. We are close to the beach, just a 1 minute walk down the hill. During the retreat we offer either Vegan or Vegetarian meals. Everything is home cooked, fresh and made with love. Mostly, the diet is based on a traditional yogi diet. Rice, lentils and pulses.

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