International Drug Checking Day, 31 March 2020

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03-30-2020 22:55 to 03-30-2020 22:55

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Created by  Carl  3 years ago

Join us for the fourth International Drug Checking Day on the 31st of March 2020 to raise awareness regarding drug checking! Drug checking is a harm reduction practice that helps drug users avoid ingesting potentially more dangerous adulterants found in street drugs. Drug checking services also assist emergency medical professionals and public health agencies in identifying trends in illicit drug markets, so they can better serve the needs of the community. There are several forms of drug checking including laboratory testing and reagent testing.
The International Day of Drug Checking is an initiative hosted by a diverse group of organizations and stakeholders (mentioned below) that play an active part in the delivery of harm reduction services.
The initiative seeks to both celebrate and raise awareness of drug checking. Not only do we wish to raise awareness regarding testing substances, we also wish to remind individuals to test their knowledge regarding drugs and their effects as well! After all, taking a drug always comes with risks. By raising awareness and sharing knowledge, we hope to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health and safety.
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How you can join us on the day?
Tweet, blog, share! Got an opinion about drug checking in your area? Want to know more? Know people who would benefit from drug checking?
Join the conversation with #DrugChecking - #JustSayKnow - #TimeToTest - #TestIt
What organizations are taking part?
This is a partnership between global harm reduction organisations and campaigners who believe that the best way to keep people safe is for them to be informed and have access to better choices. While we can͛t regulate or control the illicit drug market, drug checking offers a way to protect people who take drugs from consuming unwanted, unexpected or harmful substances.
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